Sky woman

This illustration is part of a series that was based on creation myths from all over the world. Their richness and big variety is a source of inspiration to me. Sometimes the stories are astonishingly beautiful but they can also be very cruel or surprisingly humorous. I’m still stimulated by the abundance of amazing stories that try to explain the reason for our existence. That’s why it is an ongoing project for personal work.

Sky Woman (Huron, North-America)

In the beginning there was only water and the water animals in it. Into this primeval waters, a goddess fell out of the sky. Two loons saw her falling and caught her. They cried out for help and a giant tortoise answered their call offering to carry Sky Woman on his back. The animals decided the goddess needed earth to live on and one after the other dived into the water looking for earth. Eventually the toad returned with a pinch of earth and Sky Woman placed it on Tortoise’s back. That was the start of the earth and to this day the Great Tortoise still supports the world.

Sky Woman was carrying twin boys when she fell, one good and one bad. The bad one killed his mother because he refused to be born properly and from her body came all of the vegetables and fruits of the earth. The two brothers grew quickly and began filling the earth with their creations. The good one created what was good, the other one created all that is bad. Eventually the good brother killed the bad one.