Fairytale project

Fairytale Woman” asked me to create the artwork for her brand and new website. As coach it’s her mission to help people identify their purpose and talents at work and in life. I created three illustrations and worked with the existing color scheme of her logo.
The first illustration is based on the “Game of Gifts”, which is about acknowledging your talents, accepting your inner leadership, and taking responsibility for your life. The queen represents one’s inner leader and rules over her kingdom or, in other words, her talents. The talents are based on archetypes such as animal lover, writer, and magician.

The second illustration is about following one’s own path, or ‘yellow brick road’, which leads to your mission. It’s based on the hero’s or heroine’s journey by Joseph Campbell and Maureen Murdock. There are bears and magical helpers on the road like in a fairy tale forest. The last illustration represents my client, the Fairytale Woman. She guides you on your way of discovery to find your purpose.