Rakshasi & the monkey

This illustration is part of a series that was based on creation myths from all over the world. Their richness and big variety is a source of inspiration to me. Sometimes the stories are astonishingly beautiful but they can also be very cruel or surprisingly humorous. I’m still stimulated by the abundance of amazing stories that try to explain the reason for our existence. That’s why it is an ongoing project for personal work.

Rakshasi and the monkey (Tibet)

Once there was a holy monkey that came to the mountains to follow a life of asceticism and chastity. One day, while he sat in meditation, a female demon came to seduce him. The monkey didn’t respond so she threatened that if he refused to sleep with her she would visit another demon and conceive monsters that would destroy all living creatures. Eventually the monkey gave in and married the Rakshasi fathering six little monkeys.